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Are You Paying for your Blocked Drains to be cleared in Canberra ACT?


Most people will only ever have to deal with blocked sewers in their homes, not a major sewerage system – but that doesn’t mean the issue isn’t important. Blocked sewers tend to cause problems with sewerage systems, which can result in the unavailability of water for local communities or even cause flooding! If you are in Canberra ACT and have problems with Blocked drains Canberra, it may be time to look at the issue and see if you can get rid of it quickly.

One of the most common aims for people with Blocked drains in their homes is to get rid of the blockage. If you don’t know what you’re doing, unblocking a sewer system can be extremely dangerous, so it is important to find a professional Plumber Canberra who is qualified and experienced in dealing with sewerage problems.

The sewer infrastructure in the ACT, including the sewer mains and the branch lines of the sewer mains that extend at least 1 metre beyond the boundary of each property, is the responsibility of Mr Blocked Drains Canberra. The tax and ratepayers of Canberra cover the costs of maintenance for this.

Mr Blocked Drains Canberra is responsible for the renewal of drains and sewers, installing new sewer mains, laying down new sewage pipes, replacing broken sewer connections and defective sewer pipes, as well as cleaning up after sewage discharge — any work that is done on the sewers must be done by the guidelines of Council and must not cause damage to the city’s water supply or local homes or property.

Our experts follow all guidelines and regulations, which is why we are one of the best Blocked drain service providers in Canberra ACT. We can help you quickly unblock your drains in Canberra and also fix any other problems, such as leaks or blockages, that your sewerage systems may have! Our expert plumbers can come out to you at your home or workplace if you have a problem with blocked drains to help unblock them for good.

Our Approach to Blocked Drains in Canberra:

– Before arriving on-site, our experienced team will call you to inform you of their expected arrival time

– Our expert plumbers will conduct a complete site inspection and give you an accurate estimation of the job cost before they start!

– We use top technologies and equipment, including industrial end sewers, CCTV cameras, water jetting systems, CCTV installation and videos with the ability to see all sides of the blocked drain. We can unblock your drains quickly and to great effect.

– You must not use chemicals to unblock your drains, as this may cause damage to the sewerage system.

– We use only certified plumbers and are experienced in unblocking sewers in Canberra ACT, and dealing with the problems that can arise.

We understand the importance of having your drains and sewerage systems working for you. The only way you can be sure about the quality of our services is by using us for Blocked Drains in Canberra and finding out for yourself!

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