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Booking Public Notice Advertisement in The Times of India Newspaper is Easy


What is a Public Notice?

When a notice is issued by the Government Authority or by the Public or by Private Companies to inform the public in general then this becomes a public notice. The Legislative assemblies need to publish Public notices in newspapers as well. Public notices can be of personal issues also. These personal issues can be like lost property deed papers, willing to change the will, lost share certificates, etc.

What are the reasons to publish Public Notice ads in newspapers?

Public notice ads are published in newspapers when you have to inform the general public about a legal proceeding. This can be issued by the Government or legislative assemblies or may be by your own Company. Any news that you want the general public to know about it, then you should release that notice in newspaper. This notice comes under the heading of Public notice. If you have lost property deeds papers or you want to add a name in the will of your property or you want to remove someone from the will or have lost share certificates, any issue regarding the name or any other issues arise the need to publish in newspaper. To get the duplicate of the original copies the public notice ad has to be released. The concerned authorities will issue the duplicate only if the published ad newspaper copies are submitted with them.

What documents are required to publish Public Notice advertisement in newspaper?

The publications do not publish notices unless and until the documents are submitted with them. These documents are different according to the type of notice. For any notice regarding name change, the document required is an affidavit duly signed and stamped. To publish regarding property then the matter should be given by the lawyer on his letter head, duly signed and stamped. If a Company has to publish public notice ad in newspaper then the publications require the matter on the Company letter head duly signed and stamped by the director. You can always take the advice from the team of before proceeding for a document.

How to publish Public notice advertisement in newspaper?

You can book online or you can call the team directly to design your ad. They will do the complete work for you. No extra charges are taken for ad designing.

The ad can be released in Classified display format or display format. You can call the team and take their advice. The difference between the two lies in price. Display ads are much costlier than Classified display. The team will give you the correct information as which one to opt for.

In which newspaper public notice ad should be booked?

Myadvtcorner does booking for all the newspapers all over India. Times of India has a good readership. You can book public notice ad in Times of India Newspaper. will help you in releasing newspaper advertisement.

Why Myadvtcorner for booking newspaper ads? is the online website. This is three decades old. The staff is well experienced in their work. This is hassle free website. In no time the ad booking can be done. The payment gateway is secured. No extra charges are taken for the ad designing.

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