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Get The Best Laparoscopic Hernia surgeon in Faridabad


Hans Laparoscopy SurgiClinic is founded by Dr. Pankaj Kumar Hans who is the best Hernia Surgeon in 2021 He is also one of the leading Bariatric and Advanced Laparoscopic surgeons in Faridabad, Delhi-NCR. He is committed to providing patients with surgery solutions with the vision to promote compassion and good health.

This belief – “Compassion to Care, and Passion to Excel” is assured by the expertise of Dr. Pankaj Kumar Hans who is known for his knowledge and experience with the latest technological developments and effective instruments to offer the most efficient surgical results, therefore, the best hernia doctor. The consultations provided by the doctor are based on sound clinical knowledge and the most reliable research.

Why is Hans Laparoscopy SurgiClinic most reliable?

All the staff members and workers are motivated, and enthusiastic about their work. Hans Laparoscopic SurgiClinic assures us to build a relationship with the patients on the pillars of honesty, trust, and comfort to the health of every individual. Modern equipment, covid safety measures, and apt treatment make the Hans Laparoscopic SurgiClinic one of the most trustable places for your Hernia treatment.

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Hans is very kind and passionate about his work. He is the   Best hernia doctor near me and you in Faridabad. Dr. Pankaj Hans is not just a great surgeon but also an eloquent speaker and a great listener. Dr. Hans has a very deep knowledge of the field. He and his team are highly dedicated to providing the best quality of services and assistance to patients. He has a total experience of 17 years and not just the surgery, but also the follow-up sessions are very amiable and hospitable. We take care of every minute detail and concern of the patient.

What are the effective services and specializations?

Hans Laparoscopy Surgiclinic is a super-specialty clinic based in Faridabad. The clinic offers Bariatric and highly advanced laparoscopic and laser surgeries for various abdominal and anorectal problems. The laser surgeries here are very successful and Hans Laparoscopy Surgiclinic has always satisfied its patients. Moreover, Dr. Hans – the Hernia Doctor in Faridabad focuses on patients’ health and healing in the best possible way. It is a one-stop destination for all general surgery problems as modern and innovative techniques are used to cure the disease. The clinic is committed to providing patients with advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgery solutions with the vision to promote compassion and good health.

Laparoscopic Hernia treatment by Hans Laparoscopy Surgiclinic

Hernias usually occur in the groin and it is seen inguinal hernias are mostly found in men. Femoral hernias are in the upper thigh near the groin and cause severe pain. The signs and symptoms of a hernia can range from noticing a painless lump to the severely painful, tender, swollen protrusion of tissue that is prominent on the outer surface of the body. The Treatment of every hernia is individualized, and a discussion of the risks and benefits of surgical versus nonsurgical management needs to take place between the doctor and patient.

A Hernia that appears irreducible is finally reduced, and a patient needs to consider a surgical correction. Hans Laparoscopy Surgiclinic is one of the best clinics where Dr. Hans is considered one of the best Laparoscopic Hernia Surgeons in Faridabad.

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