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Thermal Bar Code Stickers

Things to know about the thermal ribbon


Thermal ribbons are used for labeling solutions that use thermal transfer printing. It is a key component when using thermal transfer printers. Swash India is one of the leading thermal ribbon suppliers and POS rolls, shipping labels, DT labels, and luggage label distributors in India.

Applications requiring a thermal ribbon:

There are different applications and environments where thermal transfer printing is a better solution than direct thermal printing, including:

  • Ribbon in the printer
  • Product identification
  • Circuit board tracing
  • Permanent identification
  • Trace samples and files
  • Content Tagging
  • Inventory Identification
  • Certification label (UL/CSA)
  • Laboratory sample
  • Cold room and freezer units
  • Outdoor use

Choosing the right ribbon:

There are hundreds of cooling ribbon formulations on the market of different materials and qualities. Thermal ribbon supplier has helped many organizations select ribbons that work well with their current labels and tags, and printers. With a suitable thermal ribbon, your company will be able to produce both the best print quality and durability, so make sure you choose the right ribbon for every thermal printing application.

Importance of ecommerce packaging:

Brand reputation:

E-commerce packaging plays an important role in the industry. You can use it as a tool to improve the customer experience exponentially. A bad user experience can cause customers to abandon a brand or have a negative opinion, especially if users order products from abroad. It is expected that the product will be properly packaged if packaging impresses customers can lead to support for your brand.


No one likes flimsy packaging that can’t withstand the friction of the road or the turbulence of the air. Packaging plays an important role in the safety of products when they are shipped from the warehouse until they reach the customer. Your product packaging must withstand minor wear and tear without affecting the product.

Packaging influences perception:

If your packaging catches your customers’ eyes and stays, that packaging will also be able to catch the eye of others. This will give customers an edge over competitors.

The product must not be tampered with when it reaches the customer. Yes! Modified products are the most frustrating thing for anyone because they have to work so hard. Customers who receive modified products are not only disappointed with the company. So your packaging game always needs to be on point. So we can choose the best ecommerce packaging material supplier. E-commerce now accounts for nearly 8.7% of all retail purchases worldwide. Therefore, it is essential for the seller to leave a lasting impression in the minds of customers.

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