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Why is public notice advertisement important in newspaper?


Newspaper advertisement regarding real estate is given mainly to avoid any chance of fraud. Newspaper advertisements are the channels between the Government and the citizens. Notices are given to make the general public aware of the rules and regulations in the Government. They are given for the public to abide by the law. If there is any change of law by the Government, then the necessity of advertising in newspapers arise to inform the public of the new law and regulation. This is to avoid any kind of problem regarding purchase and sale of property. Therefore newspaper is the only media through which every one of the community can be made aware of any changes that are made by the Government. Also anyone who has to sell or purchase the property should be well informed of all the legal heirs of the so called property which is being dealt with.

How public notice work in a buy / sell transaction?

Publish public notice ad in local dailies for buy / sell transaction. The buyer or seller of the declared property reveals the true details of the property. He has to reveal whether he is first party or second or third, etc. On the basis of this the transactions are done.  Newspaper advertisement regarding sale and purchase of property is done to invite a large number of people from all over the country or from local area as per the personal requirement. Otherwise finding a buyer is very difficult. Newspaper is the best media to find a purchaser.

How to write a public notice property ad in newspaper?

Give true details of the property. The area of the land and the names of the owners should be well specified. Sale agreement clearly written. Contact address in full needs to be mentioned. The picture of the property or if the advertisement is regarding the bear land then its picture can be given. If anyone has any objection against the property then he has to give documentary proof against the property. In the ad the time period should be clearly mentioned as within 7 days or so or as advised by the advocate. If there is any legal issue the matter should be composed by the advocate and it should be written on his letter head.

How to publish public notice ad in newspaper?

One of the most reliable online website is The booking can be done in no time. This is hassle free website.. Select the newspaper with high circulation of that area. The sample advertisements are provided by  You can select the sample as per your requirement and insert your details in it. The costing of the ad matter will show side by side. Select the date, make payment and your ad is booked.

The reason why people choose Myadvtcorner is because of the efficiency of the team that works. The team goes through the ad matter properly and if there are any necessary changes to make then the team will advise you for the same. With your consent the ad will be finally booked and will be released on the date mentioned.

You must purchase the newspaper copies for your reference.

How to select a newspaper?

The newspaper which has the highest circulation of that area should be selected. Select 2 newspapers. One English and the other language paper of that place. To get a good response 2 newspaper property ads are necessary.

Myadvtcorner is the online website. This is three decades old. The staff is well experienced in their work. This is hassle free website. In no time the ad booking can be done. The payment gateway is secured. No extra charges are taken for the ad designing.

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