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last mile delivery



We, at Gear Logistics provide you simplified and convenient last Mile Delivery Services throughout entire Singapore, we connect the retail distributors to the customers, we simplify the entire supply change, we do not provide any complicated services, all we do is to simplify the complicated transportation network, we work at delivering goods from the hub to the customer’s doorstep.

Now customers are becoming smarter than ever before with the help of growing technology, they want full transparency about the delivery process, and also they need faster transportation, no one has time in this busy world of present. Everyone needs lighting fast delivery in the most affordable price, they want shopping to become a hassle-free process, and we at Gear Logistics aim at providing just that kind of comfort and convenience to our customers.

What lures today’s customer is one-day or even better same-day delivery, we simplify the supply chain which makes the delivery process easy, which helps in achieving these fast services. Customers nowadays want full transparency about their product, they want complete information about source of their product, the delivery updates and the delivery time. They want to be updated about all this process, which becomes possible with our technologically advanced website which allows our customers to keep track of the delivery process, Our customers have full information about who will deliver their product, from where they will receive their desired product and when will they get the delivery of their product.

Our orders are well maintained with the help of our digitally advanced and well organized team, who keep the track of all the customers requirements, their input, the team collects the order that are made from our website, and sort these requirements according to their nature, then our website connects different retail centers and check for the availability of these products and arrange for the delivery person and proper delivery of the product in the desired condition.

We are the most trustworthy logistics solutions since many years, our services are both budget-friendly and convenient. Our Retail Logistics Support Services are well organized and well maintained, our network of distributors and customers is large and well maintained.

There is no chance of disorder or misplacement of any order from our website. Our orders are scanned before delivery, and we ensure that all your products are in great state. If any product requires any special delivery need we take care of that need and arrange for the adequate conditions for delivery of that product.

We provide you logistics services for many products including flowers, grocery, furniture, etc. Our Logistics Support Services are your one-stop solution for all your transportation needs, we save you from your shopping stress. We make buying all these items an easy process, which would not be too heavy for the pockets.

Quit the delay and contact us for our wonderful Retail Logistics Support Services in Singapore!


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