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Woolen Rugs Supplier

Woolen rugs: All things you need to know


Did you know that wool is the most commonly used natural fiber for carpets and rugs? Wool rugs are, therefore, popular and a great choice for any home. It can also be dyed with different colours to get more variety from Rugs Inc. This makes the interior design more colourful and diverse. But before you buy a wool rug for your home use, there are some things you need to know.


The wool rug is flexible:


With a reputation for being soft, Wool is incredibly durable. This is largely thanks to the wax naturally placed in a wool fibre called lanolin. This wax protects your wool carpet from stains which is something that every homeowner must be satisfied with. It helps to protect your wool fibres from harmful damage or permanent discolouration. It also makes cleaning wool carpets easier.


Fire resistant: 


One feature of wool rugs that may surprise you is that these rugs are fire-resistant. As a natural flame retardant, wool rugs are perfect for children’s rooms to make you feel more at ease. And if you have a fireplace, a custom-shaped rug with a fireplace cutout is a great option to have near the fire. There is a reliable Woolen Rugs Supplier in India, and you can choose the right choice for your need.


Colourful wool rugs:


The wool rugs can come in a wide variety of beautiful colours and patterns. Most of them come in neutral tones that look elegant and elegant. Wool carpets can bring vibrant colours to your floors.


Wool is a natural humidifier:


Wool is an absorbent fibre when you’re under that layer of lanolin wax, so your home can benefit from this absorbency because it can be used as a natural humidifier. When the air in your home is full of humidity, your woolen carpet will absorb some of the moisture in the air, and when your house is dry or dry, that moisture will escape from the carpet. All these help control your home environment and make it more comfortable all year round.


Wool carpets are sustainable:


Wool is the essential fiber for Woolen Rugs Manufacturer in India. Wool rugs are sustainable and eco-friendly products. The sheep’s wool is completely reusable and protects them from the cold in winter. In the summer, the wool coat is removed from the sheep to prevent overheating and painful tangles. Because wool is a natural fiber, this means that your wool rug can be recycled after it is used in your home.


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