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Bar Code Labels

A Guide On How To Choose The Best Barcode Printer Label


The need for labels becomes unavoidable in every industry as they serve multiple purposes. While entering the realm of barcode label printing, it looks overwhelming because of the availability of a huge array of labels and printers to decipher. But, there is nothing to worry about. This guide will pave the way to finding the best Barcode Printer label suitable for your requirements easily.

What is a barcode label printer?

A Barcode label printer is a specialized tool focused more on printing barcodes and identification tags. It is often compared with the label printer. Although both do the same job, barcode printers excel in producing unique identifiers that are vital for product tracking, inventory management, and other similar applications. In simple words, barcode printers are specifically customized for creating unique and scannable codes for identification and tracking purposes.

Types of barcode label printers

When it comes to choosing the barcode label printer, you must start from scratch. Narrow down your specific needs and the nature of your operations to decide the right printer. Below are the major types of barcode label printers available at Swash India.

  • Direct thermal barcode printers

It is a rapid-response unit useful for short-term labeling work. It harnesses the power of the heat-sensitive materials to develop the labels. It does not require toner or ink for printing. It has the ability to produce sharp images that are used for shipping labels, price tags, and company identifiers. It is the best choice for firms requiring immediate and high-turnover labeling solutions.

  • Thermal transfer printers

It provides long-lasting labels through the unique heat-based transfer process, which applies ink from the ribbon onto the label. It delivers resolution up to 600dpi and thus the label looks clear under any condition. It is perfect for outdoor uses, asset tagging, and industrial applications.

  • Inkjet printers

It uses a symphony of droplets from the high-capacity ink cartridges to produce vibrant labels. It helps develop high-quality and vibrant labels that catch attention. These labels are more useful in businesses wishing to utilize the power of visual communication such as retail stores.

Ensure you get these printers from reputable Barcode label manufacturers to enjoy its benefits to the core. Understand the type of printer you buy and its applications to fulfill your specific requirements. The use of the right printer will boost your decisions and accelerate your business growth.

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